Hay Heads Wanted!

It’s not only the Hay Heads that are disappearing…but over 98% of our lowland meadows have already gone, and they are still being ploughed up, or left under-managed.   Wildflower meadows are an intrinsic part of Fermanagh’s farming heritage and brim-full with biodiversity. However, across the UK and Ireland, 3 million ha of wildflower meadows […]

I am Robbie Breadon one of the directors of Common Ground N.I. I’m pleased to be writing for the Hay Heads blog. This is the diary of the emergent collaboration between Magnificent Meadows and Common Ground. We are into re-wilding the farm where the project is based and regenerating wildflower meadows will certainly do that. […]

Happy Christmas!

Thanks to the members of the Mount Lourdes Grammar School Eco-Committee, Hayley and Baley are now ready for Christmas, and Graine has some interesting news about our two favourite Hay Heads…   “After all of  Halloween Havoc, Hayley and Baley started Christmas shopping in Asda, when they walked through the door all they could see was…Christmas […]

Autumn in Fermanagh…Sowing Time!

  On the video clip are just some of the sites we are enhancing and have restored in autumn 2016 for Save Our Magnificent Meadows. But why is autumn sowing so important? Why not wait until the spring?   To restore wildflower meadows we usually sow a yellow hay rattle based seed mix. The parasitic nature of this clever […]

Here is a great example of wildflower meadow management presented by Paul Larmor. There are many reasons to preserve and restore hay meadows for wildlife…If you want to know more check out this video!     Thanks Paul and Pete for sharing your experience with us!   Hayley & Baley    

      The Students of Mount Lourdes Grammar School apparently have inside information about what is going on at Monastery Meadows and they want to share with us this precious information…   They have only met but are planning the future already, they have had a crush on each other for two years but then […]

A LOST MEADOW FIELD   As a child my summer holidays were spent on an solitary spit of land by the sea in front of the coastguard cottages at Tyrella Beach. Isolated from the modern world that time forgot, with no running water nor electricity my sister and I made our own playtime. An insignificant […]

The voice of Hay Heads was so loud that was heard by Hay Caterpillar who lives in a little village Rob in country Slovenia. She is very happy to become a friend of Hay Heads from Monastery Meadows and she hope to see more friends next year! Here is some pictures of children from Slovenia that created […]

Hayley & Baley

Thanks to the Members of the Mount Lourdes Grammar School Eco-Committee for giving us a name! But we have a few questions for you ….   How did you meet us?   The Eco Committee met Mr & Mrs Hayhead as a group on 22nd September 2016, when we walked down to the hay meadow […]

  Turn the clock back to the old ways of farming! Here is David Johnston baling hay with his manual baler, a true lesson of patience… Take some time out and reconnect with the nature!   The Hay heads