Hay Heads are back!


 When I was young and in my prime

my tuning in to nature was sublime

reason being, my father said

you can be at one, in your head.


Now this did not make much sense to me

As boys rock and roll was all I could see

making haystacks cutting turf

bored me for a better word.


But time does pass thee

and wisdom dawns

the hay ruck smells, the dirty hands

make me yearn for the good old days

care free, laughter, glowing meadow.


The primroses they were everywhere

sweet to eat and sweet to smell

buttercups, daisies, copious blue bells

fill thy nostrils, the nature I now yearn.


Childhood memories of long ago

filled with longings, the stories flow

how the weather was told by the crane

was it up the river, or going down again

up for trout the dry spell was here

hay to be cut, turf to be won.


Then came the time of new government grants

cut down those hedges, drain the fields, make large

But where will birds go, my father declared!

No place for sheltering, from storms and gales.


Despair at the prospect, the yellow machines

covered the landscape, digging the drains.

My father's face was sunken and sad

At the thought of his cattle, on his small bit of land

No hedges, to stand under, no wildflowers to see

Depression hit hard for the beast in the fields.


Time has now passes, the return of the grants

Full circle we go, planting even flax!

My father is long dead but I still remember

his announcement to me, "they will regret it, you will see!".


But as I write this small piece of prose

I dedicate it to those

Who believed in nature, understood the events

of pulling out hedgerows, disturbing wildlife

The small little creatures, frogs, squirrels and bees

Can once again flourish, in our little Fermanagh fields.


Now the hay ruck is making a come back

Sitting proudly for show in the Monastery plot

Cultivating wildlife, wildflowers the lot

So lets support the Hay Heads, Horrah!

Join in the planting, sew seeds, make a difference

for our wonderful planet, needs your input and pride

Where wildlife can flourish,

Go with the Hay Heads and make hay, today....


Geraldine Millar



  • Betty leonard on

    Well done geraldine. Such a beautiful picture and heart rendering memories. Bett
    Betty.leonard @btinternet.com. Betty leonard


  • Giles on



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