Hay Heads Wanted!


It’s not only the Hay Heads that are disappearing…but over 98% of our lowland meadows have already gone, and they are still being ploughed up, or left under-managed.


Wildflower meadows are an intrinsic part of Fermanagh’s farming heritage and brim-full with biodiversity. However, across the UK and Ireland, 3 million ha of wildflower meadows have vanished, largely due to intensification. Once familiar creatures like grasshoppers, marsh fritillaries and corncrakes are now threatened or extinct.


‘Save Our Magnificent Meadows’ raises awareness of these losses and the ecosystem services (such as pollination and carbon storage) that they provide, while equipping the community with the knowledge and skills to help reverse the trend. We also want to give people the chance to visit, enjoy and learn about these special places. Because, at the end of the day, who are we as a generation, to deny the next generation the pleasures of a wildflower meadow and the sheer diversity of life it contains?


If you want to learn more about our work and support the cause in any way, please visit http://www.ulsterwildlife.org/magnificent-meadows for information on meadow management, restoration, volunteering, education and more.


Also, click on http://www.magnificentmeadows.org.uk/conserve-restore/county-fermanagh5 and enjoy the content!


Many thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.




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