Hayley & Baley

Thanks to the Members of the Mount Lourdes Grammar School Eco-Committee for giving us a name! But we have a few questions for you ....


How did you meet us?


The Eco Committee met Mr & Mrs Hayhead as a group on 22nd September 2016, when we walked down to the hay meadow with Mrs Maguire.



How did you come up with our first names?


Mr & Mrs Hayhead are actually two rucks of hay (or ricks, depending what part of the country you come from). The hay was saved by two Sister’s of Mercy from the Convent with the help of Giles Knight, an Ulster Wildlife Officer from the “Save our Magnificent Meadows” project.


We came up with the first names for Mr & Mrs Hayhead as a play on the words associated with hay making viz. “Bales” of hay and “Hay” itself.  Haley is a girl’s name, which we re-spelled to make Hayley.  Bailey is an American boy’s name, which we re-spelled to make Baley.  We thought these names would really suit the Hayhead family.


Thanks  Caoimhe Gilligan (10C) and Caitlín Gilligan (8C) for replying our questions!


Hayley & Baley





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